Quick Create customer, supplier

I think it would be nice if there was a feature to allow us to create a new customer or supplier quickly if we are trying to enter a currently non-existing customer/supplier into a form such as a sales or purchase invoice. If the customer doesn’t exist, have a little plus sign button show up that if clicked will create that customer without having to leave the form page. I know that now you can manage it by opening the customers tab in a new window so you don’t have to close out the form you are working on, but I think this would be a bit more seamless. This method does have the downside of not giving the opportunity to provide the other customer info such as address during the quick creation. If that isn’t desired, maybe 2 buttons: Quick Create and Full Info. Quick create creates the customer with just the name, Full Info opens the add new customer form in a new window.
Just brainstorming here, but I just see opportunity for less jumping around.

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Already suggested several times.

This method is convenient until it isn’t. The issue is that this hinders search and causes duplications to take place which are not convenient to address after the fact.

If I am allowed to join the brainstorming, I think maybe if a link appears at end of the search in the drop-down list to create a new record, that would encourage users to search first then create the new record only when necessary.

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There are three ideas in the list already that would be related to this:

I suspect a solution to any of these could encompass the current request.

Also understand, @bdcooke, that Manager operates as a browser, even the desktop edition. Like all browsers, navigating to a different page (such as the customer entry form) means opening a new page. So you either lose whatever you have entered on the transaction page or you must open another window. Your suggestion is just a shortcut for the second option, which is what you are already doing.

The question of quick or full is irrelevant. To have a new customer or supplier, you must create the ledger. Everything but the name is already optional or handled with defaults.

Speaking of defaults, a complication of your suggestion would occur if there is more than one control account for customers or suppliers. The program would not know which control account to assign a customer or supplier to. In that situation, you would necessarily have to open a full edit screen.