Can you advise me if Manager is able to do budgeting and variance analysis?

I realize that many organizations especially NGOs or Non for profit organizations need to have budgets and they need the budgets done in the accounting system/software. Can you advise on this please?

Not yet, but is is on the roadmap.

Like when can we expect this to be on board @patrickdewit

I don’t know when the feature is to be expected. As you can see here http://www.manager.io/roadmap its no. 5 on the list.

I am currently making use of a forecast function, which works fine for me.

You can do comparisons with this month against the same month last year etc.
The possibilities are infinite depending what you select when you create the report.

This is a P/L report, but can be done with all the reports.

Hello Kobus,
I have seen your illustration. But is this from Manager or from another system?

It is from Manager

Ok, but how did you create this within Manager, please

I set up a test company exactly as a copy of the real actual company.

I have calculated per day what income I should be getting and multiplied it with the number of working days in that specific month.
I also calculated the COGS per day and multiplied it with the number of working days in the same month.

I did all the transactions as the real company would have done it month by month for the budget period of the following year.

The when you do the reporting you just comparitive column to compare the months.

Maybe it is a lot of work, but it works for me and by doing it month by month I get to do it.

Brilliant! Great workaround!!

Is there any news when this function is comming?

please find below guide for budgeting