Files in Manager for Mac


I have a question for Manager on Mac.

I have been backing up my files for a while to an external USB drive. For some reason, the backups in my external drive for teh recent backups are now gone. I would like to see the last dates of the files that I entered in the application and was wondering where I could find it.

Reason I ask is that I am using two computers one for hoe and one for travel and I would like to know which one would be the latest one so that I can back up the right file. I would not like to overwrite the one I already updated with an older file hence the question.

Where can I find the file on the mac?



Look at the modification date on the data file for the business in the application data folder. Read this Guide for background information about the contents of the application data folder:

On a Mac, the application data folder is hidden. Got to Preferences page, copy the location, then paste it into the Go To Folder command on the Finder menu. Look at the modification dates for all the files to see which is the latest. Given what you’ve apparently been doing, you could have a real mess with many obsolete files.

Using two computers like you are is very risky, because data entered on one is not synchronized on the other. Be sure both are always on the same version and transfer a backup file from one to the other every single time you alternate. You would be better off using a remote location both computers can access, like Dropbox. See

Thanks for the tip. Oh, I do update both apps at the same time. It is just that I do travel every third week and do some work that is why I do this. In general, most of the time I just use the office comp.

You are right, maybe having a remote cloud drive like dropbox may be a good solution to this mess. Actually, everything was working well until for some reason, I can find my backups! Everything is up to date…just the backups for some reason may have been saved elsewhere and I can’t find it on the usb drive .

WHat I notice is that my backups have dates on it so I know which one is the latest version.