Figures not matching

I am using the desk top version 20.7.5.
The entries I make for purchases, sales and inventory are not matching what is shown on the the various accounts.
I have reconciled several bank statements and they show to be correct but they are not the same on the various reports.
Is there a fix for this?
Is anyone else having this problem?

It is impossible to answer your questions without more details. Please provide examples of transactions that are not showing correctly on reports. Furnish screen shots of the Edit screens of transactions and show the corresponding reports. Also show the Edit screens where the reports were defined.

Until we know what you entered and what resulted, we have no way of knowing whether anything is wrong.

Sorry. I hit the send button to soon.

Please don’t be cute with the pasted-in graphics. And don’t include personal information. I am deleting what you pasted in.

Take screen shots directly from the Manager window. Include the breadcrumb links at the top so we can tell how you navigated to the page you are showing. Follow the guidance I gave in my first response.

Read a few forum topics. Notice which one get answers quickly and which suffer through endless attempts to extract information. Emulate the first type.