Feature to Create Pricelist

A feature to create bulk products Pricelist from the Inventory is suggested where rates can be customized based on the quantity, customers and other parameters.


I would add my thumbs up for a price list feature - but not for bulk products. There are times when I need to quote clients different models of laptops, servers or computers and I don’t want a total for all the items listed as they will be buying one or the other or some options, but not all options. So basically a price list without a total and above features as requested by OP.


The OP wasn’t suggesting a price list to be sent to a customer, but more of a matrix of prices for different quantities and customers. You are asking for an untotaled quote.

Can’t we have both :laughing:

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If you want to suggest something, start a new topic, give concrete examples, etc. (as per lead-in for Ideas list).

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The latest version (17.11.13) allows to create sales quote without totals.

There is Hide total amount checkbox now.

Also, Manager does have a price list “report” for some time now. If some specific improvement is required, better start new topic which is more specific on what exactly is needed.

Thank you. Much appreciated. You are a star :hugs: