Customer Type

I work across several different customer types or classes - direct to public (retail), distributors (wholesale), professionals (service) and charities. Each of these classes have a different price for the same product. The price for the product is consistent within the class of customer.
Is it possible, without resorting to Excel, to create a price list for a customer type and link them so that when I create a sales invoice, order or quotation, the document shows the correct price. If it is not available now, is there a plan to implement this feature?
The way I see it working is customer type becomes a field within the customer screen. A module for price is created and this is linked to products and customer type.
If you only have one type of customer, you only create one price list. If you have multiple customer types you create multiple price lists. In an ideal world, the price lists could all be created a a function of a base price.

customer price list is already considered in the ideas category.

Hello, We are in need of this feature urgently, will it be available any time soon?

there is no eta.