Auto-calculate Super Contributions (and Tax?)

Hi - is there a way to auto-calculate the Super contributions (and perhaps tax)? A few things comes to mind:

  1. To be based on a set rate from the salary entered in the payslip (ie 10% of salary = super contribution)
  2. Rate changes won’t impact historical payslips so if the original payslip was 9.50% and the rate updates to 10% then only future payslips would reflect this (perhaps based on a date range)
  3. Tax is probably more complex but would utilise ATO rates assuming no other income - but again changes do not impact historical payslips.

At this stage, I’d be happy if Super could be auto-calculated, even more impressed if a tax schedule could somehow be incorporated.

Many thanks

Payroll calculations are notoriously local and changeable as national and local governments tinker with rates, bands and credits incessently

I think the most efficent way to handle payroll is to use a local cloud service and import the results to Manager

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See this idea Automating calculations in Payslips