New purchase invoice button

As I enter a couple of dozens purchase invoices every day, it would be a good idea to add a “new invoice” button (next to “new payment” ?) as to gain some time over having to go back to “PURCHASE INVOICES” and then press “new invoice” as to start a new invoice

If you are entering a series of transactions of one type, use the dropdown feature on the Create button:


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I did not know about this feature. This will be a solution to my “problem”
Thank’s alot for your answer

Well, trying the “Create & add another” option the system creates immediately a new invoice so we can not see the final “picture” of the created invoice to check that everything is OK. Then you have to go back and check if there are no mistakes…
I think that a " new invoice" button to the created invoice would be a good solution.
Please consider this request for the (near?) future