Feature request: crumbs, filter & smart linking

Hi All
I am sure the developers of this wonderful app must have considered doing the above features into the bundle, but just to make sure:

Currently I feel the App is running short of the following features:

  • BREADCRUMBS: I feel this is essential, in my case under the cash account section I do most of the transactions using the clone feature to speed up filling details for AR and AP. at times when i want to take a level back, I have to start from the parent link and drill down to where i want to go, if there was a breadcrumb it would be simply convenient to traverse back step by step.

  • DATE RANGE & INVOICE RANGE FILTER: At times i have the need to filter invoices that was generate on a specific week, or i may need a range of invoices to see when they were raised, this is a bit time consuming at the moment as the only way i can do this is by exporting everything to excel and then do the filter.

  • CUSTOM FIELD LINKING: I have customers and each customer represent an area, i have a custom field which shows the area in customers section, i would prefer if i am able to display the area under the sales invoice “listings” so that i can sort them out. currently it is a tedious process where i need to export both the customers and the sales invoices into excel and then merge the details using “vlookup”. it somehow strangely shows up in the invoice preview. but not on the listing.

hope you guys can shed some light on this!'


You’re right, Breadcrumbs (at least) have been on the roadmap for some time, @Lubos has been considering the best way to add this feature.

To your suggestions though, I would like to piggyback on your date ranges item and expand it to include the summary screen generally so that the user has a choice of date ranges to select from. Currently the only options are “custom” and “today”. It would be handy to have a (preferably user defined) set of choices such that instead of having to completely define the range each and every time, the user could select ranges such as:

  • today
  • yesterday
  • this week
  • last week
  • this period
  • last period
  • YTD
  • last 12 months

I realise the above would not suit everyone, which would be why I would prefer to see it user defined.