Data Sorting & filtering, Audit Trail, Detailed Inventory Management

1- Filters, Sorting & Sum:

The ability to Sort AND Filter all data is quite necessary.
Currently the only way to get the data you want is by downloading it to Excel.
This is not possible when using a mobile device, and is also a bit irritating.

For sorting it’s just a simple matter of having sorting

For filters, simple filter function could be added which
would allow the selection of a column and then ask for filter criteria (show
all data and user can choose via selection which data to display and which to
filter). The filter could be used on multiple columns at a time.

The ability to SUM up data in a column is also important.
If, for example, I want to know the total invoicing for a customer on a particular
date I should be able to select the Date Column and all the data would be
summed up at change at each date.

2- Audit Trail:

The audit trail feature is becoming more and more necessary
with growth of user base. It is important to know who created an entry, who
updated an entry and what was updated in an entry.

The audit trail should show the creator of each entry in
every tab;

The audit trail should also show a detailed history of each
entry from creation and including all editing;

In settings, there could also be the option that only
administrators can edit entries which were not initially created by the editing

3- Closing financial periods:

The closing of financial periods by administrator is
important so editing is not possible (without the authorization of
administrator) on entries relating to ‘closed’ financial period.

4- Password Change:

A user should be able to change their own passwords without
having the administrator do it for them.

5- Detailed Inventory Module:

The inventory module could be more detailed to provide more
data than it currently is.

When Sales Orders are placed, there could be an inventory
management module which would show how much opening balance of stock would be
available on a specific day and how many orders are due for delivery on that
day. This would help in the manufacturing/production management.

In relation to this, there is also the need to upgrade the
sales order protocol. Once the order is copied to invoice, it should clearly be
labeled as ‘fulfilled’ and hence the option for copying to invoice should no
longer be active on orders that have been fulfilled. Their statues should also
show if the order has been fulfilled, or whether it is pending, or has past
delivery date. And the Sales Order tab should also show the Delivery date
(along with order date) for each order.


Sorting, Filtering and autoSum would be fantastic additions

I guess we can sort and filter with current “search” tool buty I like the idea of dedicated buttons. The auto sum would be fantastic as i am currently exporting csv files and then getting totals

all is good , heading in the right direction

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Thanks for suggestions. Item 1 will be implemented in future but for now, external spreadsheet program can be used as a workaround. Items 2, 3, 4 are on todo-list. Item 5, I will need to look into it further. Inventory will keep receiving improvements just like any other module so we will gradually get there as well.

You can definitely count on 2, 3 and 4 to happen very soon.

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Good day
Any feedback on when these ‘basic’ yet extremely beneficial enhancements will be implemented or are they only available in a paid version.

Thank you

1 is still to be implemented (only sorting is possible… and filtering with a simple search)
2 is partially implemented (only on server and cloud edition since desktop edition is one user only)
3 implemented
4 implemented (only on server and cloud edition since desktop edition is one user only)
5 achievable with custom fields so it is implemented

BTW… I think that looking at four years old topics it’s completely useless and missleading