Feature Request Clone Inventory and sales markup field

Would it be possible to have a clone inventory option like the clone quote/invoice option so that when a new laptop model etc is out, I can clone from the old model and just modify the base price and the cpu etc specs. It would make it a lot quicker.

Also would like a cost markup field so that I can have laptop at say £600 and make sales markup field £50 to make it £650. This way when I update the cost price (which I have to do all the time), I don’t have to update the sales price as well if I have a set sales markup.

Also would like the inventory kit to have the option of either setting a price manually or by calculating the cost price of the individual items and then having a sales markup field. I have to go through the inventory items and calculate the cost of each individual item, add them up and them add my markup to the inventory kit. Because computer equipment prices change on pretty much a daily basis, its a time consuming job.


with the option of being by fixed amount or by %

For me it would be a fixed amount, but the coding can be done so that the markup field can be an amount or percentage, because other people will want a markup by percentage. You just need to make the field accept both types which is doable.

@lubos Can I bump up this topic as it seems to have been forgotten.

In addition, I am also finding a bug with copy and paste in Manager. For example if I have text like Laptop e746 in the bold tags in the description field in inventory items, When I copy the text from an inventory item field such as description and paste the text into a new inventory item description field, for some reason it drops the bold tags and I have to put them in all over again.

Cloning inventory items would a solve this issue and make it much easier to update inventory as laptop change specs quite frequently. Thanks

What are you using for “bold” tags? <br> or <strong>?

The rich text will be pasted into fields as plain text. This is as designed. The only way is to copy the plain text from edit screen rather than rich text from “view” screen.

Cloning inventory items could be implemented when View button is added to Inventory Items tab.

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Of course, that makes sense - I am copying plain text obviously. I will remember to go into edit to do it next time. Thanks

Yes a view option with clone would make sense as that would make inventory items consistent with other forms that have view - clone/print etc options. :slight_smile:

Has this feature been added yet - I have downloaded and installed the latest version and I can’t see this feature on the individual inventory item - is this somewhere else? I am really keen to copy similar inventory items to a new code (particularly if there are many similarities and as others have requested - as products change with technology - laptops - a new product can be easily created) ?

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Thank you Tut - Just needed to know I was looking in the right place :slight_smile: and or wasn’t missing something - I have just kept my head down on several issues and or requests hoping others would have their say and I would just wait patiently

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