Feature request: clone row

Dear @lubos we need this feature please clone/copy row


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What is your justification? Why not simply increase the quantity?

Can you not just right click, copy and paste?
It works for me

useful most of time to clone vat, track and Account.

As I said, if you are duplicating everything, why not increase the quantity?

Vat ,Account and track code will be fixed values for all rows so you need to clone/copy/duplicating them.
but other inputs are changeable price, Qty, Description…etc.

That is a questionable justification for cloning a row. There are more fields on a sales invoice line item that would have to be changed than those that you mention.

Additionally, if using inventory or non-inventory items, all those fields can be defined for the items themselves. A single selection of the item populates everything, making that the easiest approach of all.

As I said my justification that a lot of times I need to duplicate an value/s on all rows even if I have custom field as line…that’s all… it is useful if you have a lot of fixed inputs and this help in decrease time of inputting data to fields

Please note @Tut 's advice. You should use inventory and non-inventory items. So when you select an item the account and description fields automatically be completed allowing you to change quantity.