Something is wrong with Find & Recode

There’s something amiss with Find & Recode. It’s showing many transactions with Account = Suspense that aren’t actually in Suspense. And, if you click on the Edit button on some of these transactions on the Find & Recode screen, it brings up a blank Payment form dated 01/01/1901.

Example: Cash Accounts > Find & recode:

Clicking on the 2nd Edit button above brings up this:

But actually the 08/24/2016 transaction is this (and it’s not in Suspense as shown above):

I have been using the spend money button to pay everything, and spend money button from the purchase invoice view screen.

In the summary screen there are no suspense accounts present so I thought all had been looking good.

But when I checked out Find and Recode button most of the payments from the cash accounts have Suspense attributed to the Accounts column.

I’m not sure if:

  1. this is how it should be
  2. I’ve stuffed up, or
  3. it’s a bug

It appears ALL of these Suspense items are where the payment has gone to:

Accounts Payable >> {Various-Suppliers} in lieu of an Expense account (regardless of whether there’s an invoice number or not)

In a test business:

The invoice:

The payment:

edit: just added summary screen:

I can confirm this happens as well. Without all the screen shots, receipts show as having been left in Suspense when you view the Find & Recode listing. But when you try to edit one, it brings up a payment entry screen dated 1/1/1901.

And if you start playing around trying to edit one, you seem to delete your original receipt. Very bad news. We need help, @lubos.

[I have invited him to join this topic.]

none of my dates are 1/1/1901, even if I edit them from there or anywhere else. That IS bad news and possibly/probably a different problem

Just to be clear, the 1/1/1901 date appears after you click Edit, on the erroneous payment entry screen.

@Tut, my guess is they’re similar, but unrelated. I’ve edited several of them (adding to the description and changing amounts) and the date is still as normal, both in the edit screen and the find and recode screens.

OK, a more comprehensive review shows the problem is broader than @Jon originally described. Many–but not all–of the transactions that show as Suspense are receipts. But this also happens with payments. When you try to edit a payment from the Find & Recode listing, you can, although the Suspense allocation in Find & Recode does not change.

As far as I can tell, only when you try to edit a receipt from Find & Recode do you get the 1/1/1901 payment screen @Jon showed as his 2nd screen shot.

So, @d3mad, perhaps you were looking at payments when you were able to edit? In other words, maybe this really is just one problem.

all my entries in the find and recode are payments only. I’m not tracking sales (yet), I’m using manager to only track purchases ATM. So yes, my dates on purchase payments are all correct.

I fixed these issues in the latest version (16.9.24).

But more work will have to be done on this feature anyway. For example, it’s not possible to re-code “items”, only accounts and tax codes. And even if you are re-coding accounts, you can’t select control accounts which is another limitation.

Not to mention, I want to add find & re-code on all tabs where it makes sense such as expense claims, invoices, payslips etc.

So this is all coming. At least the bugs reported in this topic have been fixed.

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Just thought I would show you this. I just tried it against spend cash today and it’s still coming up as suspense although most other entries in there appear correct:

The issue is with the Item column on these cash transactions. Find & recode doesn’t see Item column and I’m not yet sure how best to deal with this.

cheers, NP thanks