Exporting customer list to spreadsheet


I can successfully export my customer list into a spreadsheet, but the resulting spreadsheet does not contain the corresponding address of the customer. Is there a way to get the addresses (and, if possible, any other relevant info from the customer database), into the spreadsheet to match the customer, as I wish to create another company, into which I can then import their names and matching addresses.


The main problem is that addresses are multi-line values and TSV or CSV doesn’t support multi-line values. I’m pretty sure Excel supports some non-standard convention for multi-line values. I just need to find out what it is before addresses can show in exported TSV file.


Thank you very much for clearing up this issue - your response is appreciated very much.


I have several user defined fields on customer (its really our club membership list) and I’d love to be able to export or have a report of all customer fields. I understand the multi-line issue and would be quite happy if initially if the multi-line fields were truncated or placeholders. Thoughts?


Any thoughts or progress on this? We have a fair amount of customer master data including several custom fields that we set up, but really have not been able to make use of as we cannot pull a customer list. This is currently resulting in having to manually keep a spreadsheet by customer with the same field data. Would be great to be able to drop that if we could find a way to export/report the data we already have in Manager.



Now that we can add custom fields to the customer tab and export (fantastic enhancement - thank you by the way), I’d like to bring back up the need to include the customer address in the columns available to export.

I now have a nice export of everything I need for our “Membership List” (Customers) including several custom fields, the only remaining issue/exception is that it is still missing the address field.


Any update on this?

How to Backup only Customer list in New Business

Any update on this for us? Would be great to be able to pull a cutomer list with addresses. Thanks.


Custom Reports can solve this issue elegantly. Wait until next week.