Can I have a report where all the customers are listed

We have a lot of donators and I like to have the possibility to list all the data like name, address and so on in a report so the person involved of the donators administration can check if all the data in manager are the same as in his/her administration.

When you go to Customers tab, there is a small Export button in bottom-right corner. When you click it, it will let you download TSV file with all customer details which you should be able to open in any spreadsheet program. Have you tried that?

yep, I tried a few moments ago.
I miss there the adress. I only see there the name email and the amount which has to be paid. So not exactly what im looking for

Any news on this ?


I have just started to list all the residents in our housing estate to try to use manager to keep track of Council rates and have entered in all the relevant details of the residents however I am not able to do a customer details listing (we only have 15 residents) and it would be really handy to print this out and have all the entered details in some kind of report so that they can all check the details are correct when we get together for a meeting.

If the export function included all the fields, then I am happy to move them around in something like a spreadsheet.