Exporting email addresses

Is there a way of exporting customers email addresses. I have found how to export all info to a TSV but what I want to do is bulk email out of my own mail (not through Manager). Thanks in advance :smile:

After exporting, copy and paste the TSV file into a spreadsheet. You can then sort, edit, delete as you wish.

Thanks for the feedback tut. Very laborious but I can see how that would work. Wouldn’t it be nice if info exported to excel! :wink:

If you associate the TSV file with Excel, it will be barely any more labourious than if Manager offered xls/xlsx files on export. The advantage of the TSV format is that it’s relatively easy to compile programmatically and is vendor neutral.

Assuming you’re running Windows, if the TSV file isn’t already associated with an application then you’ll be prompted to choose what program should open that file type. Make sure to select from the installed list of programs and that you ensure “always use the selected program” is checked. Choose Excel from the list of installed software (equally, other spreadsheet packages should also work) and you’ll be set.

This is a one-time step that makes it very easy to open up exported data for manipulation and use however you like. You can then just save the file as a native Excel format spreadsheet to take full advantage of the features that Excel offers.

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I am running Mac OS X 10.6.8. Thanks for that as it did help. I opened this and ‘save as’ xls. Was then able to copy the column for emails. Thanks BGPS :smile: