Exporting bank transactions (tracking codes column)

When exporting bank statements I noticed that the minus in a negative amount is changed to − when I opened the TSV in Excel.

Also, I’m missing the tracking codes in there. I have added a lot of tracking codes to different transactions and would like to filter on these in Excel (as I’m unable to generate such report in Manager).

I’m not able to reproduce issue with −, could you send sample what you have exported to bugs@manager.io?

Regarding tracking codes, the issue is that bank transactions can be split into multiple lines and each line can have different tracking code. What are you trying to achieve by tracking codes filter? Perhaps there is other report that should be used.

Thank you, I have sent a mail to bugs@manager.io.

Regarding the tracking code. I have some excel sheets which I used before Manager to manage the financials but also draw some reports. This was done by adding each bank statement or transaction to a certain category. Like the different taxes, car lease, different representation costs etc… The sheet allowed me to correlate all different tax transactions into 1 big tax category allowing me to see how many taxes I paid in total but also a breakdown of which tax. This for all my income and expenses.

I’m missing this granularity in Manager’s reports (would be nice if we could create our own reports based on the fields available). Therefore I’d like to append these categorizations to an export of Manager and the only usable export I have found are the bank statements. Therefore I used the tracking codes as my “categorization”. I know this field is not meant for that but it could serve my purposes. Another field, that is exported, is customers, but this is already very useful to me in Manager the way it is intended.

What would be my options?

To categorize bank transactions into income/expense categories, there is an Account field for it. I’m just not sure what you are using Tracking codes for. They have specific purpose and the purpose is to be able to generate Profit & Loss Statement per division, rental property, job or project etc… it sounds like you are using tracking codes for something else. Can you name a few tracking codes you have created?

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I also have the same problem with negative numbers after exporting to csv ( they appear preceded by − in both Excel and OpenOffice_org using both Windows and Mac). Unfortunatley I don’t know how to send you a sample. I notice the previous correspondent sent a bug report. Did anything come of it?
Thanks, Ian

I don’t remember details anymore but I believe I fixed it. Are you using the latest version (14.12) ?

My apologies, the problem is fixed in the latest version, although
negative numbers are left aligned whilst positive numbers are right
aligned, but I can live with that.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond. Great programme which I’m
sure will be even better when the promised report generator

Do you get the same alignment issue under Excel and OpenOffice?

I think the issue with alignment is how your spreadsheet program is interpreting values in TSV since TSV format is just values, no styles.

I’ve checked and Excel aligns correctly. I’ll fiddle with OpenOffice to find a setting that works (as I don’t have a licensed copy of Excel).

Thanks again.