Negative numbers appear as text when converted from tsv to excel

I am facing this problem. When i convert from tsv to excel, all negative numbers appear as texts and not as numbers. I am also not able to format them and have to re-enter those numbers to get the totals. Pls see the following example:

Students Account €498.91
451900 - VAT @ 6% − 81.94
451901 - VAT @ 21% − 13.79
451905 - VAT Collected €52.13
455010 - Accrued Salary €4,511.21

There was an issue with export in where Excel wouldn’t recognize negative numbers. But as far as I know it has been fixed. Are you using the latest version?


Try updating to the latest. There have been over 40 updates since your version.

Excellent, thank you. You people, it appears, are always ahead.

How do I update? Should I download the latest version and instal it or is there a link for update to the latest version?

Go directly to the web site and download the appropriate version for your operating system. Install it right over the top of your existing version.

I have downloaded the latest version (15.5.28) and still find that negative numbers appear like this: − 134.57
when I convert from tsv to excel. Can u pls help?

I don’t think you are experiencing a problem with Manager. I just tested an export from V15.5.28 that I imported into Excel. It came out perfectly. I think your trouble comes with answering all the questions correctly upon import. Check out Excel Help for guidance on what to do.

@Sridama, what country do you have set under Preferences in date/number format?

English (Singapore)

It is definitely not a problem with Manager. There is some problem while I am transferring from tsv to excel and am seeking solution for the same.

This forum is probably the wrong place to seek an answer. There are so many versions of Excel for different operating systems, I suggest one of the forums on Microsoft products.