Export customers, batch create emails problem

Emails field does not automatically get imported.

You need to provide more information as to what you are complaining about. What function, form, or feature are you referring to? Imported from where to where? And what does that have to do with batch emailing? There is no such feature in Manager.

Customers-> Export all customers

When importing to another business, everything gets copied (like names/phones…) but not the emails field, remains empty, caused by a software bug

I think the problem is worse than you describe, @Ahmad_Ardati1. In my testing, only Name, StartingBalance, Code, and Inactive status can be transferred via batch operations. Addresses, emails, telephone, business identifiers are all missing.

I am putting this into the bugs category.

Just change the field from “Email address” to “Email” will solve the problem.

I tried it and it worked.

I am removing this from the bugs category. The problem seems to have been resolved with the changeover of batch operations to include copying to the clipboard. If someone comes up with another problem, it can be moved back.