Cloud version issues cannot export to excel unlike desktop

Please assist, on the desktop version 20.6.98 - after producing a report, a right click on mouse produces a window with an option to export to excel. However on cloud version, this option disappeared. Is it problem from my excel or it is like this for cloud version? I understand there is a copy to clipboard button on top but I preferred the desktop option.

Still on the cloud version, when I prepare my custom reports, there is no option to include the account code. I am only limited to see account name. Please assist.

No, it does not. Clicking the Export button shows a window with the data displayed in the report. You can copy that data and do whatever you want with it, including paste into a spreadsheet. But there is no explicit option for exporting to Excel contained in any edition of Manager.

You are also many versions behind on your desktop edition. Especially if you intend to share data between desktop and cloud editions, you must update your desktop software.

Yes it does!!

That is a browser feature Microsoft has created not a Manager feature.
You can install addons in your browser of choice to achieve similar functionality.

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Yes, it is a browser feature and isn’t Manager browser based??
This detracts from the opening post and to simply state that it can’t be done is false.
I use this extensively.

Read my post again. I did not say it could not be done. I said it was not a feature of Manager. And it is not.

@GASMozambique is asking why it has disappeared using the cloud version but can still be done on the desktop version. Assuming they are using the same browser for desktop as they are using for cloud, why?

That is a big assumption as it is very likely to be the reason for the difference.

  • The cloud version is accessed by a browser of the users choice

  • The desktop versions is initially accessed by a browser determined by operating system and Manager.

  • The desktop version can be accessed by a browser of the users choice by opening another window

And would the appropriate response question to the post then be “are they are using the same browser?”
To simply jump in and say “It does not” when it actually does, depending on the situation, is wrong.
I never stated it was a feature of manager, I simply stated that right clicking does give that option, albeit operating system dependent.
And “No,it does not” is what was posted!!

Sorry I can’t help further.

Copy to excel has never been an options on my system, probably because I don’t have excel installed on the computer I most commonly use.

For uses who do, using the same browser for desktop and cloud access is probably going to be the most efficient method of accessing consistent browser features.

Yes, you did.

No, you never mentioned dependence on a user-configured add-on to a browser or anything about an operating system.

@VACUUMDOG, this forum is about features of Manager, not features users may configure in browsers or their operating systems. You’ve configured your browser a certain way. With your operating system, this provides a functionality you like. Leave it at that. Other users with different operating systems and browsers don’t get the same option. That is the context in which the question was answered. Your dissatisfaction is pointless. Your insistence does not make this a feature of Manager.

To be fair, many users would not be aware when using Manager desktop they are using a particular browser they have on their computer. So may not know which browser they should use when accessing the cloud version to ensure they are using the same browser and will see the same browser features.

Thank you it makes sense, because i was worried by the lack of option as on the browser used on desktop version.

@GASMozambique, If you are using Windows (7/10) then you can keep the behaviour you want by using Internet Explorer instead of Chrome/Edge or Firefox.

The GUI, when run in windows, uses Internet Explorer underneath it seems :slight_smile:

The View Source option indicates:


Thanks, understood. I had sleepless night over this.