Export to Excel 2013

I am trying to export the Bank file to Excel worksheet in Excel 2013 which i just installed on my laptop and when i click Export, nothing seems to be going anywhere and i dont know what to do about this.

Please help.

Exports do not automatically go anywhere. If your software is up to date, clicking Export button brings up a window showing the TSV file contents. Copy the window and paste into Excel. If you have an older version of Manager, a TSV file is created on your computer, which you can import into Excel in various ways, depending on exactly what operating system and version of Excel you have.

I tried to check on Right Clicking “Save target as” I have noticed all what is coming is HTM… i am not able to see TSV file… Iam not really a computer expert so Iam kind of Stuck.

just select the data, use ctrl+c to copy and just paste in excel.

Actually thanks Guys, it seems to be working