Export Payment Slips

Anyone knows is it possible to export Payment Voucher in a year.
My accountants wish to obtain my payment voucher for the year 2015 for audit purposes.
Anyone know how to export?

Why only payments? That doesn’t make for much of an audit. You can get a listing of all transactions into or out of a cash or bank account by drilling down on the account balance. Export the list, import it to a spreadsheet, and do whatever you wish with it.

What your accountants are probably asking for, though, is something like the General Ledger Transactions report. Simply create one for 2015.

They asks me for annual sales invoices. I exported. And purchases invoices. I did export as well. But I can’t find where to export payment slips… So was wondering how. I’ve no idea I can actually export a general ledger for them. Thanks for sharing!

I don’t know whether you are saying you didn’t know this previously or don’t know how to do it. If the latter, go to Reports tab, click on General Ledger Transactions, enter date range and desired title, and Create. Then View the report.

Many Thanks

You are welcome. But I don’t know whether your problem is solved or you are giving up.

I’ve no idea too… I export the general ledger to my accountant and still wait for their reply… I think it’s the right thing they want from me. Thanks.