Batch Export (as PDF) all G. Ledger a/cs, Payslips, Invoices and J. Entries


Now that I’ve finished working on final accounts, I find the need to export all of my general ledgers (using the “General Ledger Transactions” report) and all of my payslips, journal entries, and invoices to pdf. While I could generate a report manually and go into it and export to PDF, I was wondering if there’s a way to batch export all of these.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

You need to be more specific. You referred to ledgers, but then also mentioned all payslips, journal entries, and invoices. Those last three are individual transactions. Reports can be converted to PDFs with the PDF button while you are viewing them. So can individual transactions. Listings of transactions in the various tabs can be exported, pasted into spreadsheets, and converted to PDFs from there.

But if you are asking whether there is some batch method for generating PDFs of all transaction forms of a certain type, no, there is not.

I’m sorry about the lack of clarity. Yes, basically what I was asking was whether there was a method of batch generating PDFs for all transactions/documents of a type.

Thanks for answering my question! Now I realise it’s not possible.