Export of Cash Summary Report

I have searched for an answer (a solution woud also be nice) but have found nothing so…

My Cash Summary Report looks OK on screen but when I export to Excel, well not so much!

  • The are no Subtotals
    -All accounts print, including those with nil balance.
    – Even if I have checked ‘exclude zero balances’ (which is OK on screen)

Any help?

First, update your software. Cash Summary has been replaced by Receipts & Payments Summary. Many changes came along with that.

Second, exports are meant to give you access to data, not present it in any given way. The reports provide a professional presentation according to the designer’s wishes, with some flexibility for adjustment by users. Exports allow you (or someone with different desires) to do whatever you like.

Thanks for your reply. Yes my version was a bit old so I updated to the newest. However, no real change other than ‘Inflows > Receipts’, ‘Cash Summary > Receipts & Payments Summary’ and a few other like cosmetic changes. Fortunately, for me at least, the P&L and B/S reports still export in a formatted manner including no nil lines if that is what I want. (Please don’t change that!)

I must say, your approach as articulated in your second para. is very convenient in that it serves to insulate you from any meaningful discussion about, or suggestions for, change.

This is an illusion. Reports first extract and calculate various data from the database. Then, they format it according to hard-coded instructions, taking into account parameters (like date ranges, descriptions, etc.) you might have added (depending on the report). It is merely coincidence that data used for some reports, like the Balance Sheet, happens to look formatted. It is not. For other reports, different data is extracted and used. Sometimes, the coding extracts information on nil-balance accounts or transactions because that is part of the process necessary to have all needed data available for formatting. The final formatting is what sometimes excludes nil lines.

Regardless of what data the program extracts and uses, it will be shown in an export. As you have seen, the result is that some exports look more like the final, formatted version of a report than others.

Sorry you feel that way. I’m not the developer. I’m a forum moderator, a user just like you, trying to help others understand the program.