Receipts and Payments Summary report is not tally with the bank balances

The receipts and payments summary is not tally with the bank and cash balances on the balance sheet.

How can I reinstall to the version with correct receipts and payments report ?

You need to post screen images of what you think is wrong

Without further information it is not possible to diagnose your problem

You have probably got a date set in error somewhere or some transaction is not correctly posted

I am using multi-currency, previously the receipts and payment summary will show the correct ending bank balances but now the end bank balances out by USD67.2k functional currency differences. Can you tell me how to reinstall back to the previous version.

As this is serious mistake on the cash flow.

Previous Receipt and Payment summary report only have 1 line foreign exchange gains (losses) after Cash at the beginning of the period.

New version have added foreign exchange (gains)/losses to the receipts and payments section. Thus, the ending bank balance is now not equivalent to the bank balances on the balance sheet.

I really appreciate you can provide the link to reinstall the previous version to have the correct ending balance balance that tally with the balance sheet.

Unless you have saved previous copies of the Manager install package AND backup copies of your business file it is not possible to go back to previous versions.

If you show screen images of what you believe to be incorrect, then maybe you will get help but no one can help you with just the descriptions you have posted so far

I have back up my data but I never saved previous versions of the install package.

I can’t show you the screenshot as they are actual company data and confidential.

I will use excel to correct the cash flow mistake as I have my monthly report of the payments and receipts reports.

When I create a dummy data and still show such kind of mistake, I will show you the screenshot.

I have tried the cloud trial version, it is also providing the same errors. It should be upgrading bug that unable fix by the upgraded versions.

I am an accountant and I have been using Manager since 2018. Every upgraded version have a better report and make my task easier to convert the report to my customer’s requested template.

However, the last 2 versions have failed this receipts and payments summary report and now I have to adjust the ending cash balances to be tally with the bank balances on the balance sheet.

I hope I can find where is the root cause as there are no changes on the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports.

Thanks and Best Regards

If you post enough details here, hiding any private information, this will help to confirm the bug and will get it fixed quicker

Until it has been confirmed as a bug, it is not a priority issue

If you “adjust” balances in some way, without helping to identify any problem, you will have the opposite problem if any bug is later fixed.

No worry, I adjust the correct “cash at the end of the period” per balance sheet revalued figure on the “excel worksheet” and not on the source data. Thus, no impact if Manager developers have rectified the bugs/formula errors on the new version.

I have compared my previous monthly report and the latest report generated from the new version. The main differences are mainly because of introducing the foreign exchange gains/(losses) to the Receipts and Payments section.

The developer is trying to demonstrate the actual cash receipts that derived from the exchange differences during inter account transfer based on hedging/spot rate. However, the developer has forgotten the month end revaluation differences and did not match the cash ending balances with the revalued bank balances on the balance sheet.

Thus, the Receipts and Payments Summary Report ending balances are not matched to the bank/cash balances on the balance sheet.

If the developers are the accountant, they should be aware of “foreign exchange gains/losses” are “non cash” items. Though they have impact to derive the cash ending balance, it is an adjustment to the closing balance, similar to the previous report.

Hope the above fact findings do give you some clue in rectifying the errors/bugs.

Best Regards

It would be even clearer if you could give a screen image or example

Did you enter exchange rates with month end dates?

The issue with the report is that it doesn’t account for forex revaluations… that makes the figures different. The latest version (20.7.11) is fixing it.

Yes, I have downloaded the 20.7.13 version and now the report has the correct ending balances per Balance Sheet.

Thank you developers !