Export / import data

I am currently using Manager to manage the books for 2 businesses - 1 sole trader (A) / 1 partnership (B) both on Cash Basis.
Due to structural changes in these I want to:
1 Move approx 3 months of data from B to A - Export / import ?
2 Split the manager file for B ie. could have used the start date setting but it has been removed.
Not hand enter starting balances for all accounts :slight_smile:

What I am trying to achieve is a merging of B with A for a particular date range.
Using version 22.1.28 - operating system won’t allow later version. Because of the way that Manager updates file structure cannot go back to an early version to get start date setting.

Or can I edit the sqlite (changes / objects / commits) directly

You cannot merge or split businesses.

And cannot export / import a date range?


  1. Backup your business
  2. Re import the business
  3. Change it’s name
  4. Delete the data not applicable to this business going forwards.
  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 for other businesses going forwards

You can also move data between businesses by

  1. Batch update in the source business
  2. Delete the “Key” field / column
  3. Use this data to batch create in the destination business

Thanks for the quick response and particularly the info about the “key” field