Export files from Manager via/to gmail

Hello All,

I am trying to export files from “manager” to google mail (gmail).

My problem is that my (google) security code which is necessary in order to link “manager” with gmail cannot/will not be accepted/saved and thus I cannot send my files.

Do you have an idea about solving this ??

Thanks alot !!

PS I have already did what necessary to “authenticate” my gmail account.

What do you mean by “export files?” Are you trying to export business data files? Or are you trying to email transactions or reports?

There is no provision in Manager for exporting data files. You can make backups of your business to any accessible storage location. See the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/8890.

If you are having trouble emailing transactions or reports, see https://www.manager.io/guides/9100. Visit all relevant links in that Guide. If you cannot resolve your problem, provide all the information requested in that Guide.

Your terminology is off and so it makes it hard to work out exactly what your problem is.

It doesn’t sounds like you want to export manager files (as that is achieved through “backup”, if it is in fact “manager files” you are after), it sounds more like you want to email certain documents from manager and it’s is the authentication process that is failing for you.

What does this mean:

What exactly did you do? Because if that is correct, your emails should work. Being a “pin” though, I’m thinking it’s more an external password manager? a Yubi (or similar) key type device?

If you could try and describe more precisely what you have done and what it is you want to do, we should be able to help a bit more