I didnt have export button in customer tab

i cant find my export button in my customer tab

There is no Export button in Manager

There is a Copy to Clipboard - you can use this to paste the list in Excel or other program
There is batch Update which can also be used to export the data in the list

What are you trying to do?

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im trying to backup all my customer data (email, billing address, etc) to my new manager

thanks for the help, im copying to clipboard that i clink on the batch Update. thank you so much

Out of curiosity, why are you setting up a new business?

If you have a new computer you can copy the business file to the new computer

There is no need to start a new business every year, if this is what you are doing

I have a new business, but the customer is almost same as the first business.

Ok. That makes sense

It might be easier and faster to back up the old business, import as a new business that you rename, then use Bulk Delete to get rid of transactions you don’t want.

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i keep it in mind, thanks for the helllpp :grin: