Export as an XML Auditfile, Dutch Tax Authorities

I would like to create the XML-auditfile for the external auditors and Dutch tax office. Without a proper auditfile, it is difficult to use manager.io in Holland. That is why I’d like to start developing the XML.

The requirements are quite clear,

In the Zip there is an test-file and a description of the file, in English: XmlAuditfileFinancieel3.2_FunHie.rtf

Does anyone have some more info about the API I should use? .

Without a xml - audit file, it is still possible to use Manager in the Netherlands. The only condition is that your data have to be digitally accessible for the tax - authorities. By giving them your backup file and a copy of Manager, I think that you meet their requirements. I do agree that having the possibility of creating the XML audit file would be very helpful.
I doubt if Lubos will give this a priority looking e.g. at the UK VAT-requirements per April 1, 2019

I think that this can be solved extending custom reports access to audit trial. Once we will be able to export custom report the problem will be completely solved.

Have you seen the new clipboard capability?

No… still to check it

Please explain the new clipboard capability. What can we do with it?

I only came across it today. And I’ve only tested it once. But if you Copy to clipboard, you can paste the results into a spreadsheet. With only minimal column width adjustments, you have a fully formatted report.

@lubos has hinted previously about upcoming changes involving the ability to move data in and out directly from spreadsheets. I suspect this is part of that implementation.


Hi Hennie, can you please explain the prcedure to me? Can I create the Tax-auditfile via the clipboard?

You cannot right now since custom reports don’t have access to audit trial database. Hopefully it will be add by @lubos in the future.

I don’t see how audit trail is relevant here.

Anyway, this won’t be possible to solve by custom reports. This will need to be add-on using API.

Add-on would basically produce XML file on demand as defined by Dutch authorities.

"Add-on would basically produce XML file on demand"

Any update on this? Creating an xml file and exporting same would go a long way to solving the SBR dilemma (Standard Business Reporting) we now face with accounting software such as Manager.

For background on SBR see here… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Business_Reporting

@lubos did say this this was being worked on. He only said it would have to be done using an add-on. The presumption is that you would create the add-on yourself.

What are the expectations if there will ever be an XML auditfile capability?

Hi, I would expect an audit file Auditfile Financieel (XAF) version 3.2 (2014) as defined by the Dutch Tax office. You can find the requirements over here:

Hopefully this functionality will be in manager.io in future.