Export auditfile

Is there a way to export my administration to a auditfile?

What do you mean by an audit file? What would it contain? What format must it be in?

The XML audit file is for the Netherlands localizations.

The answer is no.

You are probably asking for SAF-T file required by the Dutch tax authorities. It’s similar to the Electronic Balance Sheet (EBS) that the Germans require.

The move to electronic gathering of accounting data is picking up in the developed countries in the recent years.

The Audit Trail feature in the Manager is in development though. Given that the SAF-T specifies a proper file-format (which it has NOT done yet) and if the Manager exposes its ledger API, it won’t be hard for the third-party app developers to develop extensions to export data into SAF-T or any other file-formats required by the tax authorities (e.g. Manager already does export the EU VAT audit file-format, because it’s an established standard).