Expense Claims not showing in expenses

I’m transferring over to Manager and as a small business, frequently pay expenses from my money.
I’ve put these expenses into expense claims as per guide. These expenses are not showing in the chart of accounts - eg MV expenses etc. Also not showing in the summary page under “Expense Claims”
They are therefore not reflected in GST reports or P/L reports.

I tried reimbursing myself from the bank account a payment of $50 which did show on the Expense Claims but the other 30 entries are not showing.

Hi, @colrodrick. Expense Claims module has been fairly bulletproof. I suspect you are missing some little thing. So, since you didn’t give many details, but not meaning to disparage your skills in any way, I’ll run through a few things that could lead to the kind of problem you describe.

  1. Be sure the Expense claims module in the left navigation pane is enabled. From what you did say, it sounds like you’ve done that.

  2. Be sure you have been created as an authorized payer. If you are an owner/partner/member and have a capital account, that should be automatic. But if you are tracking equity some other way (there are many possibilities), you will have to create yourself as a payer. As of just a day or two ago, you must designate what category you fall under (employee, owner, etc.). If no predefined payer is listed, the transaction will not show in the Summary. That’s because Expense claims is a control or master account (I’m not exactly sure of the terminology) with subaccounts for each payer. If Manager doesn’t know where to put the transaction, so it throws it into Suspense. Have you looked at Suspense? Does it perhaps reflect the total of the missing transactions?

  3. Make sure the Summary is customized to include a date range that covers the transactions in question. Otherwise, they will be ignored. If your date range is wrong, there won’t even be anything in Suspense.

  4. Be sure you initiate each expense claim by first clicking on the Expense Claims tab. Then click the “New Expense Claim” button. Because no company funds are involved in the purchase, you cannot use the “Spend Money” feature from a bank account, even though the Expense claims liability account shows in the dropdown list. I actually don’t know if such a transaction would post, but if it did, it would lead to all sorts of problems. It is simply wrong from a financial perspective.

Please let us know if any of these things solves the problem.

Thanks for your reply and input.
I’ve tried working through your suggestions, I hadn’t set up capital accounts. I’ve tried this but it hasn’t made a difference to the expense showing up in the expense account.
I’ve entered transactions from bank account which are reimbursing expenses and these show up in the liabilities but the original expense does not.

I’ve taken some screen shots that I’m hoping may give a clue as to what I’ve done/doing wrong.

In “Customise” the “expense Claim module” is ticked.

Expense Claim Payers is showing in settings

Expense Claim Payers are entered.

Multiple expense claims I’ve entered. I’ve tried selecting the payer from the Expense Claim Payers and from the Capital Payers. These transactions are not showing in the relevant expense accounts or on the summary under liabilities or suspense. I can’t find where they are apart from I can see them when I click on the expense claim tab on the left of the screen.

I’ve also checked the date range and I’ve set it for 1/7/14 to current so includes all transaction dates.

I’m obviously doing something wrong, or I’ve done something wrong in the set up.

Also screen shot of summary screen

I solved the problem!!!

When I had entered transactions, I must have entered date as eg: 7/7/14 instead of 7/7/2014. I just discovered that these transactions had dates as 7/7/0014 so were a few thousand years out.

I’m fixing them now and I’m happy to say they are displaying correctly.