Expense Claims and payslips


I am testing the Expense Claims facility.

I entered an entertainment claim for an employee with a total of ZAR60.00 - cost + tip.

Then I created a payslip for that employee and entered ZAR50.00 as Expenses Refunded (the ZAR10.00 difference is just me testing) and now I seem to owe the Employee ZAR110. The expense claim and expense refund are added and not offset. I expected to see I owe just ZAR10.00.

What am I doing wrong.

First, make sure you have read the Guide:

As explained there, an expense claim where the Payer is an Employee, the claim is posted to Employee clearing account. You do not have to enter it on a payslip at all. When you pay the employee, just make payment for the full amount of the employee’s balance in Employee clearing account.

The reasoning here is that payslips are for work performed for the company and create a liability for the company to pay the employee. Expense claims are for expenditures on the company’s behalf by the payer, with no work involved.

Thank you. Apologies for not reading the guide first …