Exchange rate entries for Indonesian Rupiah have dissappeared

I work with 3 foreign currencies, SGD, INR and IDR. Was going to update March’s closing rate when I realized all my IDR have vanished. Is this a bug?

I’m using the cloud edition by the way. Version 20.2.48

there was a recent update related to foreign currencies, enabling user to create custom currencies.
under Settings make sure the currency is listed properly in Foreign Currencies.

See the Guide:

Yes, I’ve seen it. Thank you.

Nevertheless, it is totally inappropriate for Manager to delete a currency and along with it all the rates associated with that currency I had entered, from the beginning of my business. Utterly disappointing and would move back to the desktop edition till I find a reliable alternative.

There is no difference between the desktop and other editions of the program.

With the desktop edition, upgrades won’t be forced upon me. I lost my inputs because I am using the cloud edition.

Totally agree, I would suggest that this a regression bug.

@irfans, I have found your problem. I found a similar situation in one of my test businesses, in which I did my own experimentation after the new foreign currency feature was released. (This is not a problem you can simulate after the fact.) You have an “orphaned” currency in an exchange rate, meaning that Manager cannot identify it.

You should be able to recover your old information by clicking the Edit button for those exchange rates that are now blank. I believe they will show a hexadecimal string instead of a named currency, like this:

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 10.37.32 AM

Selecting the actual name of the currency will restore the information.

What I do not know is why this happened to only one currency for you. You probably did something, such as redefining that currency, that disabled the old version of it. (That is what I meant by “orphaned.”) On that basis, this does not appear to be a bug, so I am removing this topic from the bugs category.

@irfans I think the reason is that even though you were entering exchange rates for IDR, you never used the currency. So the upgrade script didn’t create this foreign currency in the system and exchange rates became orphaned.

Anyway, the latest version (20.2.49) will fix the issue automatically.