Exchange Rate - no currencies to select

Please fix the bug on exchange rate, this is Screeshot from latest version.


This can happen if none of your accounts use any foreign currency. Therefore it’s pointless to enter any exchange rates.

The latest version will hide exchange rates section altogether if that’s the case.

How would I use this to pay expenses incurred in a foriegn currency ? As a concrete example, my base currency is JPY. I have received expense claims for items in USD, and AUD but I currently have no accounts in these currencies. Instictively I’d record it in the currency paid, but as I have no accounts in those currencies, I can not add the exchange rate.

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This is an easy one…When you create your customer or supplier, you have to select main currency for that customer or supplier. That should be sufficient for enabling multi currency functionality.

You don’t even have do it. I forgot to mention, expense claims in foreign currency will allow exchange rates to be set in that currency.

When I put the first USD claim in expenses I could not adjust the exchange rate. That’s what prompted my question. Since adding the payee as a supplier I can now add exchange rates.

Thank you for your help.

@Yagisan, that doesn’t seem right. I just tried to create foreign currency expense claim and it allows me to set exchange rate for that foreign currency even if I have no foreign currency accounts.

@lubos That was the behaviour I saw with Manager 15.3.58 on Debian.

OK, the latest version is not doing this anymore.

Ok. I’ll update over the weekend. Thanks again for your help.