Have you updated rate values on the Manager system

Please acknowledge if is a recent update you made on the Manager system, I need to validate this information as soon as possible since all the amounts suddenly changed.
I am using the system in Costa Rica and the value rates have changed, dollars and colones have been inverted.

What are you referring to? If you are referring to exchange rates between currencies, Manager has no update process. Exchange rates change only when you enter new ones under Settings.

Your post is very unclear. You say “all the amounts suddenly changed.” What amounts? Where?

You may have mistakenly been relying on placeholder rates that are included only to prevent operational errors. These are not meant to be accurate exchange rates and should never be relied on.

This is what happen, yesterday appeared a new Icon ( Exchange Rates) and when I insert values based on this country where I am at, the amounts don´t match with current rates, in other words, the system changed all my previos work and this never happen before, is been 3 yrs using the system, that´s why I am asking, since changed all the status on my clients database…

The Exchange Rates icon is not new. It’s been there at least since I started using Manager a couple of years ago.

Which version of Manager are you using? (Cloud, server, desktop…?)

When entering exchange rates, be sure you have them the right way around. For example, our Reserve Bank lists our USD/ZWL rate as 25, but in Manager I have to enter it as 0.04 (ie 1 / 25). For ZAR our bank lists it as 0.7550, which I enter into Manager exactly like that.

When you enter an exchange rate into Manager you also set the date for that rate. The rate applies only to transactions dated on the same day or more recently. Older transactions won’t be affected.

The fact that you are saying that all your previous work has been changed suggests that either you entered an early date for your exchange rate, or you had never previously entered an exchange rate and were relying on Manager’s default rate.

In the case of the former, just change the date for the rate to the current date.

In the case of the latter, see if you can find out what rate Manager would have been using previously. You could do this by restoring a backup of your business, or perhaps somebody else could check if you let us know the currencies you need. Then you could enter this rate set to a date earlier than your first transactions. [Edit] Just delete the exchange rates you have created, and it should revert back to the default exchange rates.

Remember that Manager does not automatically look up or update the exchange rates for you. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is using whatever rate is appropriate according to your country’s regulations and business practices. In my case that means manually updating my exchange rates every working day, but from reading the forum I gather that in other countries it is sufficient to update them only every month or even less frequently.

Having said all of the above, something else has occurred to me:

Manager’s handling of foreign currencies has changed somewhat in recent months. I had forgotten this as I haven’t had to do much since I first set up my accounts. Be sure you’ve read and understood the relevant guides:

I did have a situation a couple of weeks ago after updating Manager where the currencies for some of my cash and bank accounts had become invalid and were represented as codes. It affected some of my transactions. I identified the problem and corrected the currencies, and that solved the issue for me. I was doing urgent business at the time and didn’t check the forum to see if others had reported the same issue, and since I had solved it I didn’t think to come back to it. But it might be worth just double checking that all your cash and bank accounts are using valid currencies. Select the correct currencies if not. If you’re still struggling do a search for similar topics in the forum, as it’s likely others encountered the same issue.

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Your statement shows that the only changes that happened were because of your entry of a new exchange rate.