Error while backup

version 21.6.50.
when I press backup, it took too long time and came up with this error message. any solution please?

Looks like a system message about a disk error - I’d run a check on your disk(s)?

Or maybe it’s a space error - how big is your business file?

Have you tried backing up without the attachments, emails or history - to see if the error is caused by one of them

Please try with a short backup name using only text and numbers and without spaces.

Thank you @Joe91, I’ve done a chkdsk, no error found, my disk has around 25GB free space, my business file size is just 1mb, first time I’ve tried with attachments, emails or history and 2nd time without those. both came up with the same error msg. I didn’t try the 3rd time, scared of scared of damaging of the data. is there any other way to get a backup of the current status without opening the Manager app?
I’m using Manager 21.6.50 Desktop (windows 10)

Thank you @eko, I even haven’t come to the point where I give the backup name, before entering the name - just I click the backup button - it wait for long time and came up with error msg.

I refer to the name before clicking the blue backup button. In your screenshot it is hidden behind the popup that appeared when clicking backup.

Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 14.36.40
The name I refer to starts with Asan E…

look like disk input/output error. Try to manual copy of your data on some safe placae.

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Thank you @Joe91, @eko, @Doronto,
I think the problem was in the disk,
I couldn’t copy past one of the manager file from the folder.
I removed the disk where the manager file was and use another computer to recover the files and moved it to My C: drive. then it works fine.
Thank you all.

it’s pleasure to know that,Your Problem has solved.

It’s better to keep necessary files on other drive then C:. if you get any problem with OS need to replace that then you will lose your works.
Hope better.