Error when backing up


I backup my data everyday before I leave work and have been doing so for
the last 4 days. However, since this morning I have been getting the
attached error whenever I click backup or for that matter export.

Can you please tell me if something is wrong or I have to update anything.

Justin Franco

Your post has no attached error to view


Good Evening.

The screenshot of the error is in the word document that I attached.


There is no attachment that I can see, why not post the screenshot directly using the “upload” icon

Sorry, I replied to the email not knowing it’s linked to the forum.

The error seems to be originating outside of Manager.

Try to search on Google for these keywords

“the procedure entry point” api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1.0.dll

it will reveal a lot of topics with the same problem across the internet with some solutions.