Error message when trying to backup

Hi, I keep receiving an error message when trying to backup one of my clients who has two businesses on Manager. I get the same message when I try and backup either of the businesses.

I backed up one of the businesses yesterday evening and had no issues. When I just tried importing the backup, it works fine, but when I try to back it up, I get the same error message. This means even if I worked from a backup, I still wouldn’t be able to backup any of my work.

I have two other clients with businesses on Manager and I don’t get this error when I try backing them up. I have also tried backing up on Firefox and Safari, instead of Chrome, but get the same message.

I have searched the forum for this topic and have found similar issues, but the error messages other people seemed to get were not exactly the same as the one I have received.

Can anyone help? Thanks

What version of Manager?

Sorry. I forgot to say. I’m on the cloud version.

Then why are you importing a backup? The data file for this business is on the cloud server already. And it is automatically backed up (actually multiple times, in multiple places, for safety). When using the cloud edition, (that is an edition—as compared to the server or desktop editions—not a version, which is a release number) the only need for a backup is to transport a business data file to another machine or server, or to satisfy some inner desire to have a backup totally under your own control.

Regardless of whether you make your own backup, there is no need to import it to keep working on that business. You just need to log into that business with your Manager login credentials, through a browser.

Although my friend@Tut makes a good point, this is still an internal error with traceback.

Even if it’s due to data corruption, it could at least be handled. That’s why I’m putting this in bugs.

@FCP please describe the changes you have made since last import until the failed backup.

Also, have you tried exporting without attachments or history? This could narrow down the search for the root cause.

Hi Tut / Ealfardan, thanks for your replies. I imported a backup just to test whether the same issue would occur if I tried to back that up. It’s great to know that the system is constantly backed up anyway, but we do need to be able to create our own backups. There have been many occasions in the past when I have need to refer to an older copy before certain changes we might have made to our accounts, and we also like to have backups when we close each quarter for VAT purposes. Also, the functionality to create a back up is there for whoever needs it or wants it for whatever reason, so if trying to use that functionality is causing an error message, then clearly something is not working as it should.

However, having said all that, I pleased to say that I tried to back up again this morning and it backed up normally for both businesses. I don’t know what changed, or whether a bug was fixed, but I’m just very glad it is working again.

Thanks for your input.