Error using 'Copy to' button in customer statement

Have just tried to use the ‘Copy to’ ‘New Bank Transaction’ from Customer Statement. (August Statement)
Have had a couple of issues. First try had an error message appear briefly saying ‘Manager is not responding due to a long running script’. (There were 86 lines.)
Secondly I expected that only the invoices included in the Customer Statement would be copied over but this was not the case.
There was 1 invoice copied over which had originally had an issue date in August but the issue date had been changed to September. It was not on the Customer Statement so should not have been copied over to new bank transaction.
There were also 12 other invoices with issue dates in September (and not on Customer Statement) copied over.
The ‘Statement Type’ selected was ‘Unpaid Invoices’ ‘Until’ 31/08/2017.
I would also just like to say thank you for this new feature as once working properly it will cut out a lot of repetitive data entry and save valuable time!

@sparky, I hadn’t noticed your post until it was referenced in another topic (which I will join with this one). Can you illustrate this problem with screen shots?

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Please do not start new topics to continue discussion about an existing one. I have moved your question to this topic.

Here is an example of what is happening. Select customer statements, unpaid invoices until 31/10/17 (October). The statement is CORRECT. The Total is CORRECT.
Capture - Statement Type - Until

Capture - Statement Total

At the top of the statement there is a ‘Copy To’ button. Select Copy To ‘New Bank Transaction’
The invoices are copied to a new bank transaction but instead of just copying the invoices from the statement, many more are copied. In this case there were 48 invoices which made up this customer statement for October. 100 invoices from this customer were copied over, right up to 23/11/2017. See Total of $16,115.25 in screenshot below. Be great if @lubos could have a look at this. Thanks

Capture - Total copied over

@sparky, can you furnish any additional information? I’ve been trying to reproduce this problem, but cannot.

Did it happen more than once? Does it happen on more than one customer? Did it happen only when all unpaid invoices were current?

Lastly, what edition (desktop/server/cloud) and version number of Manager?

Yes, it is still happening. I used it today and it copied over December invoices of which were not part of the Statement ending 30/11/2017.
Yes, it happens with more than one customer.
No, it is happening when there are overdue invoices as well. For example, today I used the ‘Copy to’ feature with a customer who had an overdue account for October and current account for November and they had paid Oct and Nov together into our bank account. I used Statement type = Unpaid invoices Until 30/11/2017. December invoices which are not due until 31/01/2018 were copied over too.
Using Cloud edition

Thanks. I don’t have an answer, but was really looking for reasons why I cannot reproduce the problem.

Should be fixed in the latest version (18.1.34)