Error! The older version of Manager cannot be removed

Getting Error when upgrading to desktop version 17.7.7

The older version of Manager cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.

yo dont have to uninstall the old version to upgrade. just install the new version on top of the old version.

Not uninstalling old version. This is the error coming up when upgrading on top old version. The setup then asks for previous verison manager.msi (v17.7.4 or v17.7.6 I think) file which I don’t have. So I cancel the prompt and this stops upgrading with message “The manager setup wizard ended Prematurely”.

Although I can’t see Manager installed in Program and features. I tried deleting manager folders. There is something still there which Manager setup is checking before upgrading. Anybody come across this problem and solution?

i actually upgraded to version 17.7.7 after you reported this problem but i did not encounter any such errors. it installed fine and is working properly.

I would suggest you to use any third-party cleaning app like CCleaner to delete any residual files left out from the previous installations and fix registry errors too. Then try installing Manager again.

Yes deleted registry entries and restarted pc. This fixed it