Error showing while paying a sales invoice with tax withold function ( problem now solved was start date error on my part)

hi there i am fairly new to manager and after setting up my nominal codes i have started to use the software to do my accounts.

i have found no problems entering the purchase side of things.

but i have started logging sales invoices and matching customer payments,

i am using the tax withholding function as i often have tax deducted at source for the work i do.

on the 1st entry i encountered no problems for my 1st customer it all matched off correctly after entering the total amount in sales invoice and the lesser amount of money received on the customer receipt. this left the tax in the withholding account and made the invoice paid in full.

on my second customer i did everything the same but it is showing credit and an extra field on the sales invoice

can anyone make any sense of my issue?

It would appear that the customer had a receipt against it - can you show a screenshot of the customer.
Go to Customer tab, click on the customer balance which will show all their transactions - do screenshot.

Not quite, click on the Customers tab, not the Sales Invoices tab. then click on the balance for Bone
But first, if the Customer doesn’t have an opening balance, then Edit the Customer and untick that box.

thankyou for your input Brucanna,

after looking at things again while supplying you your screen shot i figured out it was a issue because of my start date did not pre date the invoice date that was causing the issue.

when i set the start date to include the previous years transactions this solved the discrepancy

but thankyou for taking the time to look at my issue

kind regards

Your start date should always be prior to any transaction dates and doesn’t ever get changed

yes i realise that now, it was an over site on my part, due to complete my accounts using another package up to the previous tax year end then started to use manger from the new tax year so my start date was just set to that, which caused the error when i had an overlapping invoice that got paid late from the previous tax year,

Actually, @rsturbolad, customers or suppliers with starting balances should have those sales or purchase orders entered, with dates that do precede the start date. These are the only transactions from before the start date Manager will take into account. The reason for this is so you can associate receipts or payments with correct invoices, not just with a balance due.

The start date you set should be the date you started using Manager.