Error Message 18.10.71

18.10.71 System.Net.socket unavailable

Anyone else had similar issue with out losing data.

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First, update your software. You are well over 1000 versions out of date. If you still have a problem, describe exactly what triggers it.

Updating not a issue but trying to also locate data , so it is not lost?


You have not lost our data, which is not stored in the application. Your data is in one of two places:

  • Your default application data folder
  • Somewhere you proactively selected as an alternate application data folder

See the Guide: Manage application data folder contents | Manager. On your Mac, if you are having problems opening the application, the default location is /Users/username/.local/share/Manager, where username is the name of the user who created the business.

Which edition of the program are you using (desktop, server, or cloud)?

Thank you , really appreciate the quick response .
All running well and lesson to check for updates regularly.