Error in exporting/copy to clip board


I’m having an error in exporting/copying data from manager to excel.
The copied data arrangement is not like the way it used to be. Kind of scrambled and not matched between the header and its content between columns. I’ve tried to manually break via text to column tool in excel but no good result.

Please advised. Thanks

You have not furnished enough information to tell if there is a problem. Understand that exports from Manager are not in Excel format. Difficulty with spreadsheet formatting are not Manager issues. The program exports in TSV format.

Normally when I select export and copy all the data then paste it into a spreadsheet it will nicely parsed into individual cells (automatically tabbed just like in manager).
But now with the same operation, the pasted data only parsed into a single column. Each row is now is not equally delimited.

Hi Tut,

Never mind… Somehow it is getting back to normal. The pasted data is now automatically separated into columns, I just re-login the manager and make a new spreadsheet. Thank you for your time.