Error in custom domain login

I am receiving this error for last couple of days. The whereas works fine. Could anyone tell what is going wrong here?

This looks like a server error that @lubos will need to investigate.

Since I’ve tagged him, he will see this sometime soon. In the meantime, it sounds like you have a workaround by using the address for your Cloud instance?

Edit: Actually, someone has tagged it as a bug, so he’ll see it anyway.

I guess Lubos marked it as a bug and got it fixed already. I am able to access my custom domain now. Thanks everyone

@lubos is indeed the one who put it into the bugs category. The fact that it’s still there means it has not been completely resolved.

Turns out I’m not sure why it was failing since it’s not possible to reproduce it now. Let me know if that happens again.

Hi Lubos. I am not able to access both login and my custom domain. Both says 502 gateway. Could you please check what is happening?