504 Gateway Time-out

Hi guys, does this happen to anyone else? this is in Macedonia


Yes sam here in Egypt

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yes same issue

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Same here ghana

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Same problem in Kuwait

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The cloud server has been restarted but the same error

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@Tut @lubos

Same issue in Kurdistan - Iraq

The issue has been noticed, and a few cloud account users have been affected. Keep trying, you should be back online soon.

Same Problem In egypt

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Since yesterday we are having problem where cloud manager weblink doesn’t respond.

Google chrome returns the page with the following.

This site can’t be reached and it took too long to respond. Err_connection_timed_out

@lubos please look into this urgently, thanks.

Yes, we can see the same issue. I hope this can be solved quickly

Also experiencing this. Gettig a 504 Gateway Timeout error

@Tut @lubos

We are also facing the same issue !
Please advise

same problem in turkey

Yes I am also having this problem in Spain

Hello Guys, having the same problem in Luxembourg.

Hi there this Ahmed Hussien. I wish to have your number to discuss about the program.

Please this is taking longer time.

Same in South Africa, please assist ASAP, we cant do any invoicing!!!

Yes same in Georgia???