Error after installing on Windows 7, 64bit


I have installed MANGER on my laptop which is running on Windows 7, 64bit.

Once I’ve clicked on the icon to open the program, I’m getting an error as depicted on the attached jpeg.
Could someone please assist me in correcting this issue as I am eager to run this program.

IO exception, Manager.exe cannot start

That’s weird. Try to open command prompt and type:

ping localhost

I’m interested what it says.


Thank you for your speedy response. I did run the command prompt as per your request and the result is as follows:

Hope this sheds some light.


On Windows, Manager requires localhost to resolve to ip address This is not happening on your computer (which by default it should)

To fix this, find hosts file on your computer which is located in


And add following line to it:       localhost

Then restart your computer and try again

ping localhost

Hopefully this time, localhost will resolve to which means Manager should start working too.


I have followed your instructions and the issue has been resolved.
I can now open the program normally.
Thank you once again.