Email function on receipts

The email address of the customer does not auto-populate when using the email button function when viewing a receipt.

Also, is it possible at all to set a default for email content in any of the email functions on the different tabs (eg. receipts / quotes / invoices)


Read the Guide about email templates.

Read the guide. Nothing about being able to setup email templates on receipts.

Is there no way to setup a template for that?

No, neither receipts nor payments are included among transactions you can set up email templates for. If you thought my suggestion about the Guide referred to them, I guess I should have been more specific. Your opening comment, though, was about customer names not autofilling. Customers are not associated with receipts, where the recipient is the Payer. Customers are only the recipient of sales invoices; and there is the possibility of an email template for sales invoices

Thank you for your help. As im new on the forums may I ask whats the best way to make suggestions to the Manager team for additions of features?

Start a new topic. Moderators will put it into the ideas category if it doesn’t contradict accounting principles or program design philosophies. Search the forum first. There are already more than 100 ideas.

Justify your idea and provide examples.

Great will do. Thank you.