Entering Transactions

So I did as was suggested to me and created control accounts to show each of my bank accounts separately. Now because this is double entry, each transaction affects one of those cash accounts. Therefore, I must enter all transactions under the cash accounts tab, because in Transactions, the drop-down menu to show which account the funds came from/went into doesn’t show the cash accounts. Is this the way it’s supposed to be?

Yes, after clicking on the Cash Accounts tab, all your accounts will be displayed, then click on the blue balance of the account you want to use to enter the transactions.

Can you please explain exactly where this occurring ?

If I go into the transactions tab and enter information down to this part:

neither of those drop-down menus (that currently say ‘suspense’) have the cash accounts listed. All they show is one asset account, and of course the income and expense accounts, and one equity account.

OK, you have already entered the Cash Account information further up

In the account section you enter the information on what the money was received/paid for