Multible bank account


Hi, I have created 2 bank account under CASH AT BANK, by only tansactions under 1st bank account will have the amount entered. The transactions which I entered in to 2nd bank account was not found. Please advice.


When you say the transactions in the 2nd account were not found, where do you mean? Do you mean on the Summary page? On the Bank Accounts tab listing? In the Statement Balance column list when you click on the blue number there?

Some other things to think about that could help find the problem:

  1. Did you give both accounts separate names?
  2. Have you looked in the Uncleared Deposits and Uncleared Payments columns?
  3. Do the missing transactions show up in the Suspense account? If so, that means you did not select an account to allocate the transaction to when you entered it.
  4. If you can’t find them, tell us what kind of transactions they were and what you did when you created them. How was that different from what you did for the 1st account?