Choose Receipt account

I’m new to Manager, and when I’m creating receipts, the only option in the ‘account’ box is suspense. I thought that this was where I would choose my bank account. So right now, all my receipts and payments have been applied to suspense.

Do you have bank or cash accounts setup under the bank or cash accounts tabs? Are they active?

If not you’ll need to enable those tabs under customize then add the accounts respectively.

Read the Guides:

Thank you both, that was helpful.
I’ve created a bank account and a cash clearing account under the bank and cash tabs in the left pane, but now my payment transaction is appearing as a separate balance sheet item under long term assets instead of in my originally created bank account where I had input an original opening balance in a bank account under current assets. How can I make these two bank accounts the same thing?

Delete the ones you entered and re-enter the opening balances as per the guide

Thank you, it’s a learning curve to get started, but I guess I’ll get the hang of it.